No matter how well you organize your garage sale; even if you decide to sell your items at a dime a dozen, if your prospective customers can’t locate your garage sale (online or offline), you stand little chance of selling anything. It is the way you advertise your “garage sale” or “yard sale” or “estate sale” that determines if customers will come to patronize you. One of the first lessons we learnt when we started Grand Slam Garage Sales in 2004 is that effective advertising is the bedrock of a successful garage sale. As a result; whether we are helping you run a full sale, or helping you with some aspects of your sale, we make sure to do our advertising due diligence, a policy which has paid off handsomely.

With our wealth of experience as industry leaders, we know and have what it takes to successfully conduct an advertising campaign for both online garage sales and the traditional “driveway” garage sales or “yard sales” or “estate sales”. In most cases, people just place signs in locations where they consider to be strategic and then, hope for a deluge of customers, come D-day or G-day. 😉

However, experience has taught us that there is more to advertising a sale than merely posting signs, especially in the new internet world we live in.

When you enlist to help you advertise your sale, you get the added advantage of having access to a creative, experienced and hard working team to successfully advertise your Online Garage Sale or Traditional (Driveway) Garage Sale. These are time tested methods that have repeatedly proven to be highly effective in eliciting high levels of customer response.

The advertising packages we offer are in a few major categories, separated for online garage sales, and the other for traditional “driveway” garage sales. This makes it easy for our customers to select packages suitable to their individual needs. Afterwards, all you need do is type in the relevant information about your sale/items in the respective fields, and then you leave the rest to us.